About TORA

TORA founded in 1998, Istanbul provides engineering, consultancy and R&D services to meet the operational needs, equipment, technical safety and environmental consultancy requirements of primarily retail petroleum, automotive and energy sectors.

TORA continues its activities with 410 personnel in 34 regional agencies distributed to country wide and 135 personnel in Headquarters having approximately 3000m2 indoor and 4000m2 outdoor area in Istanbul.

TORA is notified by T.R. Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in scope of “Regulation on Soil Pollution Control and Point Source Contaminated Sites” and develops projects on the fields of environmental protection, improvement and monitoring relating to inspection, determination, reporting of soil pollution and remediation of soil.

TORA integrating the geophysical methods to environment surveys under leadership of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tuğrul Genç performs verification of environment survey results with this approach and aims to make fast, economic as well as clear diagnosis.


Inspection, Reporting of Soil Pollution,
Contaminated Soil Remediation,
Environment Analysis,
Environmental Consultancy and Other Environment Protection Services,
Environment Assessment Projects,
Environment Planning and Risk Analysis,
Industrial Waste Management,
Environmental Sampling Equipment Production & Sales,

Gilbarco Veeder Root (Statistical Inventory Management),
Thomas Tank Leak Detectors
Gilbarco Veeder Root Tank Automation and Environmental Control Sensors,
Status Scientific Controls Gas Detector Systems,
Oil & Fuel Separators,
TORA Soil Sampling Sets (Window Sampler)