Phase II Subsurvey Investigation

A Phase II subsurface investigation should only be undertaken upon the successful completion and review of a comprehensive Phase I ESA or when contamination is known to exist and requires definition. The objective is to gather quantitative data to determine the extent of contamination or potential liability and project clean-up or remedial costs for the property.

In order to determine the presence or absence of contamination TORA professional staff of engineers can design and implement work plans according to ASTM E1903 – 11 tailored to the clients scope and needs.

TORA, Phase II Investigation may include the following:

■ Soil and groundwater sampling and laboratory analysis for potential contaminants of concern

■ Soil vapor laboratory analysis

■ Determination of groundwater flow direction and  laboratory analysis

■ Drilling and sampling temporary bore holes

■ Installation and sampling monitoring wells

■ Geophysical surveys

■ Vapor encroachment assessment